Garrett Capital, Inc. Privacy Policy

Garrett Capital, Inc. will never sell or share your personal or nonpublic information.
Garrett Capital, Inc. complies with all applicable laws, regulations and requirements regarding privacy and security.  Garrett Capital, Inc. is a Registered  Investment Advisor in the states of Utah, Idaho, and California, and complies with SEC Regulation S-P ("Reg. S-P"), as well as the U.S. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (the "GLB Act"). Reg. S-P and the GLB Act require complying firms to maintain a policy which protects the security of nonpublic personal information of clients, and to provide an explanation describing this policy.

What is Nonpublic personal information?

Nonpublic personal information is any personally identifiable financial information. This could mean addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, or information regarding brokerage accounts, or transaction histories.  Nonpublic information can be transmitted from the client to Garrett Capital, Inc. through applications, forms, mail, electronic mail, telephone or face to face conversations.

What other information might Garrett Capital, Inc. collect?
Garrett Capital, Inc. collects contact information from prospective clients so that we can provide them with the information they've requested directly from Garrett Capital, Inc. or through one of our marketing partners. Please note that this information comes from prospective clients who specifically request information through Garrett Capital’s Web site or from clearly labeled advertising. Garrett Capital, Inc. may also collect information regarding the actions of users visiting our Web site.   Garrett Capital, Inc. may collect this information for reasons such as legal compliance, security protection and to improve Garrett Capital, Inc. services and your experience with the Web site. All personal information submitted to Garrett Capital, Inc. will be held confidential in accordance with our privacy policy.

Privacy Policy
As Garrett Capital, Inc. collects nonpublic information about clients, we maintain the following policy:
Garrett Capital, Inc. does not sell or market nonpublic information to unaffiliated organizations. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to guard our client’s nonpublic information.  We hold our employees, partners, and vendors to strict standards of conduct regarding confidentiality, and employees who violate our privacy policy are subject to disciplinary action.  We restrict access to your information to those employees who need to know that information to carry out their duties.

We do not disclose any nonpublic personal information about our clients or former clients without the client's authorization, except as permitted by law. We may disclose the nonpublic information we collect to employees and affiliates, and unaffiliated third parties as permitted by law. Third parties may include law enforcement agencies, government and regulatory authorities, and professionals such as our legal counsel and auditors, and we may disclose information for reasons such as audit purposes, prevention of fraud or money laundering, protection of confidentiality, compliance with laws, and to provide agreed upon products and services to you. Third parties may also include service providers performing financial services for us (such as brokers and custodians) and service providers performing non-financial services for us (such as third parties performing computer related or data maintenance, marketing or other services for us or to assist us in offering our products and services to you).  It is our policy to require all third party service providers that will receive information to sign strict confidentiality agreements agreeing to safeguard such information and use it only for the purpose it was provided.

Privacy Policy Updates

From time to time, Garrett Capital, Inc. may change its Privacy Policy.  We will update our clients on any implementation of new policies regarding privacy.