Investment Models

Alternative & Traditional Investment Strategies:

Capital Preservation-Plus strategies are alternatives to traditional buy and hold investing. Today both performance and safety drive investors.  Read about Garrett Capital’s alternatives to traditional buy/hold investing, specialty models, traditional models, and Garrett’s temperament models.


Capital Preservation-Plus Models

Garrett’s Capital Preservation-Plus investment models are aimed at avoiding Bear markets, when prices and values are falling, and participating in Bull markets, when prices and values are rising. We still invest in stocks and bonds, but our primary objective aims at the tactical allocation of those investments, participating when the general market trend is up, and not participating when the general trend is down. Capital preservation is the first objective. Of course there can be no guarantee that Garrett will always avoid every market downturn and always capture every market upturn; but as our objective is to do so, it is much more likely that we will hit the target.

Specialty Models

Specialty Investing Models are aimed to provide opportunities for investing designed for the issues of our day. Currently we have four. The Acro model contains investments that profit when markets are falling (taken from the word acrophobia which means “fear of falling”). The Inflation model will continually adjust the portfolio to those assets that might profit from upcoming currency inflation. The objective of the Commodities model is to invest in commodities themselves, which benefit most from growing economies consuming commodities. Precious Metals and Miners will invest in gold, silver, and other precious metals, plus the miners that mine them. This model will adjust holdings based on the manager’s expectations of changes in the precious metals markets.

Traditional Models

The Traditional Models invest in stocks, bonds, and global investments. These models are carefully reallocated and shifted as market conditions change but stay mostly invested in their targeted asset classes. The High Income model will invest in both fixed income securities with high yield and stocks with high dividends.

Temperament Models

Temperament includes three custom created models based on investment temperaments, such as Aggressive, Moderate, and Conservative. These models are balanced with multiple diversified asset classes, that fit together for risk and reward based on your temperament.