Our Core Values


Capital Preservation

Capital preservation is our first priority. If we think the markets are setting up for significant losses, we will move assets to cash. It is more important to preserve capital than to make big gains and end up giving it back, or worse, end up with less capital than we started. Long-term investing means acknowledging and preparing for those times when markets lose.

Active Management

Active managers are known for not staying in a bad investment. Moving to cash in difficult market periods means you are an active manager.

Customer Service


We actively work to solve your problems. We put ourselves in your shoes. When you need service, we stay with the problem until it is resolved. In addition, privacy and confidentiality are important to investors. Garrett Capital adheres to a strict privacy and confidentiality policy.

We use outside custodians for your money. This means you can login to the outside custodian to verify your account and see transactions and holdings at any time. Moreover, our client performance reporting gives you direct access to performance evaluation tools unavailable anywhere else. Plus you can receive weekly or monthly email updates on account balances, or not.